Wedding reception underway

Q: Do you only do posh functions?

A: Certainly not. We have a range of packages to suit most budgets and venues. However, we are a professional mobile disco, with good equipment and very experienced, so we charge a realistic fee. Booking cheap DJ’s usually leads to disappointment, and then it’s too late.

Q: How many hours do you play for?

A: We agree this at the time of booking, and evening functions are typically 4 to 5 hours long. We always finish at the agreed time, and this is usually stipulated by the venues licensing.

Q: Can I contribute to the music playlist?

A: Of course, we actively encourage our clients to work with us on the music selection, as it gives us useful feedback on what is likely to work best on the night. We will give you some suggestions on how to do this effectively, when we discuss the event.

Q: Will you take requests on the night?

A: Normally yes, if you agree for us to do so. We have a very large library. However, we will only play requests we feel will add to the enjoyment of all the guests, and keeps the dance floor busy.

Q: Can I pay the DJ on the night?

A: No. We run a professional business, often booking up to 2 years in advance. Every function has a formal contract between us. We have found that some DJ’s accepting cash on the night are more likely to cancel at short notice. We accept all payment methods a couple of weeks in advance of the party, and only a small deposit is required to secure the booking.

Q: My venue says you need certificates?

A: Yes, most good venues require PLI and PAT. We have both, and can supply them to your venue in advance.

Q: Is there a recommended layout for DJ’s to set up at the venue?

A: We can usually accommodate most venues, and suggest the DJ is in the same room as the bar, where possible. A dance floor away from where people are likely to congregate is less advisable. It’s really important to tell us in advance if there are steps, parking issues or access restrictions to prevent delays or additional charges.

Q: Will you let me down?

A: Our business has been built on our reputation, and we have never let a client down, ever. If the worst were to happen and there was a serious issue, we have a network of other DJ’s we trust in our trade body who we can turn to, to help out. In our experience cheaper DJ’s are less reliable.