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Sound Matters!

Ok, you know about the great service you are going to get from Heart and Soul.  You also know we are really experienced, carry back up kit, are fully insured, consult with you on your wedding playlist.  And I am sure we have told you that we have wireless mics to help with speeches, can do background music at the wedding breakfast, and are a husband and wife team, so you get an upmarket experience and personal service when you book us, not a teenager in flip flops with an Ipod!  ( Don’t laugh, it really has happened to others!).

So, have we told you about the quality of our sound system?  Its all very well having someone turn up, with huge speakers they bought on e-bay, but will they do the job?

Well, wedding are complicated in terms of sound, volumes need to be at the right level, especially for wedding breakfasts, sound clarity is important, and you don’t get that with e-bay speakers!  We use high end active speakers, which are mounted at heat height for the dance floor.  Just right.  Superb sound quality driven through a top of the range controller.  What else?  For the evening disco, we bring along a large 1200w active subwoofer.  Our speakers without it are actually fine for most venues, but we go to the extra effort of setting up the sub ( yes, it is heavy -very!), because as the evening moves on we can produce some fantastic low end bass.  And I mean the kind of sound you can feel in your chest, when the tops are projecting sweet, crisp sound.  This bass adds another dimension to the music experience.

So, we focus on the details too, something extra to help ensure we remain one of the best Wedding DJ companies in Sussex and Surrey.  We look forward to working with you on your Wedding or party!