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The Best DJ’s for your Party

It’s been another busy year at Heart and Soul Disco, into our 9th Year of successfully providing entertainment to hundreds of satisfied customers. We have more testimonials, and create more memories than most of our competitors. We topped of the year with a party for 1000 exclusive guests in the great hall of a Manor House, and what an amazing party it was.

While we do all size functions, this was a big one, with indoor pyrotechnics, a sound and a lighting technician, a full mixing desk, including video countdowns and live links. If you are looking for a wedding and party DJ, choose carefully.

Experience counts, and the single biggest issue we find, is that customers often chase cheap DJ’s, I mean really cheap. We know this because they call us after being let down, and being full ourselves, it’s heartbreaking to not always be able to help. So remember, pay a fair price to professionals, who are going to entertain your guests for 5 hours or more…the DJ is something they remember, and talk about.

Here’s a picture, from that function, and we will post something on youtube too, so take a look at our Heart and Soul Disco channel.

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