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Wedding Disco Playlist

When you are thinking about your wedding disco playlist for the evening, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Your mobile wedding DJ is the expert. They know from experience what gets the guests onto the dancefloor, but of course need to consult with you about the specific music you or your wedding guests like or dislike.
  2. We will ask you for a list of around 20 songs you really like, or think your guests will. This will intially give us a feel for what you want. We will build our playlist around these first.
  3. You can always ask guests to choose songs when you send them their invitations -its a nice touch, but you may need to be prepared to eliminate a few.
  4. Please don’t be too prescriptive. In reality, you want us to make your party a success. Its why you hire a DJ, rather than just dry hire the equipment yourself. Although you may think your playlist of 90 – 100 songs is perfect, often you will find that your guests have a very wide range in music tastes, and if you want them on the dancefloor, the DJ is best at reading the crowd and delivering a great wedding disco.
  5. Do tell us what music you don’t like. Its better to choose artists rather than genre, but if it is genre, be as specific as possible so as not to exclude songs by accident.
  6. Agree up-front if you would like us to take guest requests. We bring around 10 000 songs with us, and we do recommend it, it keeps everyone involved!
  7. Relax, and enjoy this part of the evening. You can really let your hair down, have a good time, and make it a night you will all remember!