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Why your Wedding DJ offers mood lighting

Have you ever walked into a wedding or party and noticed that the walls are washed with colour?  Have you noticed also that the ambiance of the party is completely different as a result?

Well, its all down to mood lighting.  Your DJ can use modern lighting effects to literally transform the walls, known as a colour wash, in order to brighten up the room, or have it match your overall colour scheme.

The results are quite dramatic, as it creates a more intimate and warming atmosphere for your guests, and can add the wow factor to a colourless venue.  There are different types of mood lighting: Up-lighters at the base of the wall, which spread the colour symmetrically across the wall and part of the ceiling, or those that are used to highlight particular features in a room, often beams, pillars, or artwork.

Mood lighting is tasteful, and because of modern technology a huge range of colours can be replicated to match, or contrast your function.  They can also be quickly modified, with the use of what’s called a DMX controller, so are are in a single tone all day, and later in the evening can be set to change colour as sound to light, to synchronise with the music and the other lighting effects the mobile disco provides.

We use an expensive range of tri-par led’s, which provide true white as well as a full colour spectrum.  They are fully programmable, and are highly recommended for your wedding or party.  Normally, event managers will charge up to £400 for a set of 8 lighting units, but if you book your function with us, we are able to provide this lighting for you from £100.  This is in addition to the full range of lighting effects already supplied by the DJ.

Here’s a short video on how they work!